What to check if you entered room but have problems with Mic or Sound

The first thing to check is the users section and emoji. for example..

if you see a white circle, this means you have not completed correctly the connection procedure or you disconnected audio.

Solution: turn on audio from bottom of screen by clicking the telephone and completing successfully the connection process. if problem persists check your web browser permission, FAQ

the second thing to check is if Mic is muted. Picture follows..

This means the Microphone is muted.

The third thing to check is if your in listen only mode, picture follows..

this is listen only mode.

Solution: click on telephone on the bottom of the screen and successfully complete the connection procedure.

If you see a Green microphone, Picture follows

You have successfully connected to Mic and Sound

and you Do not have Sound or Microphone or both, check the physical devices, if they are turned on or connected correctly.

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